About Desi Gunner

Desi Gunner, as the name suggests, is the personal blogging site of an individual who usually doesn’t write in the third-person, but every now and then, likes to do it so that he can feel like a novelist.

But then he likes to switch back to first-person but because that’s the way it should be, no?

I am an Indian guy — though not the patriotic sort — but I love Arsenal and movies. I have been following the Gunners since I was a kid, about twelve, and the first season that I followed throughout was.. you guessed it.. the season of the Invincibles.

Now I am 27 and I hardly miss a single Arsenal game, and I have always wanted to blog about it, so here we go.

I also love movies, and like writing about them too. Now let me let you in on a little secret: I love movies to the point that I am making one with the help of my friends. So that.

Have fun reading. Hope to be compadres for a long, long time.